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 Titanium Sub Sea provide a wide range of world class marine and water safety services to a very diverse group of clients – all of which present unique goals, concerns and expectations. Titanium Sub Sea partners with its clients to carefully engineer solutions to achieve these objectives.

Titanium's portfolio includes water safety, marine construction, inspection and survey work, confined space and rope access, rescue and safety boat hire and diving services.

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We have built a strong UK service platform that gives us the ability to transfer our methodology anywhere as per our clients requests.  

Titanium Sub Sea have a philosophy of open communication and dialog with our clients. This philosophy keeps us focused on our customers goals and expectations so we can deliver the full strength of our knowledge and expertise.

Titanium Sub Sea are an innovative and established leader to companies, organisations and industry in the UK. We are committed to providing exceptional value and quality services. Continuous long term growth, improvement and profitability are achieved by empowering our skilled personnel to exceed our customers’ expectations.

One solution one contractor....Titanium UK.

Some of our services include:

Safety Boat Services

Work Boat Hire

Confined Space Access

Bridge Works And Safety

Professional Diving Services

Marine Construction

Work Boat Services

Rescue Boat Hire

Metal Suppliers

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Our Values And Principles


Our clients voice will be made heard throughout our company.We will focus all of our energy towards satisfying the needs of our customers in an efficient and effective manner.


Skilled Staff

Our highly skilled and experienced staff are our most valued asset. It is the work of our trained employees that is the hub of our business. We will involve staff on all levels in the continuous improvement of our quality services.


Health And Safety

The Health and Safety Policy of Titanium (UK) Ltd is to undertake everything reasonably practicable to prevent injury and ill health to all employees and others affected by our operations.



We recognize that we all share this Earth and thus Titanium UK is committed to using environmentally safe (green) products, recycling and energy conserving equipment whenever possible. Titanium UK is fully committed to researching new procedures, chemicals and products that will add weight and move our environmental mission forward.


Equipment, Methods & Supplies

We will use the best available engineering, construction, cleaning and finishing supplies, equipment and methods. New products and ideas will be incorporated on a continuous basis to help maximize the value of the services to our clients.



 We promise to do what we say.

We promise stand by all of our work.

We promise not  to compromise our commitment to:

The environment

The ethical conduct of our business

The policies and rules our clients have in place at any work site.

UK Law

Titanium (UK) Ltd






Latest News

Titanium Sub Sea Secure Bridge Repair Contract In Scotland

August 10, 2015

Titanium Sub Sea are engaged in repairs to the Clachan Duich bridge in the north west Highlands of Scotland. Titanium undertook a scour survey of the structure in February 2015 during which scour holes were found. The repairs to the structure are now underway on behalf of Bear Scotland

Diving From 7 m Diving RIB On The Tidal Thames In London

June 14, 2015

Titanium recently undertook an underwater hull survey of the floating restaurant the St Katherine at London Embankment. The survey included UT readings from keel to waterline at 2m intervals. Titanium obtained all diving permits and liaised with the PLA during diving operations.

Titanium Sub Sea Take Delivery Of New 7.2m Commercial Dive RIB

June 1, 2015

As part of our continuing operations inspecting and repairing bridges in Scotland Titanium have taken delivery of a new 7.2m offshore RIB powered by a 200HP Suzuki. The vessel cruises at 45mph and is well suited to offshore survey, diving and inspection work

New Lifting Barge For Titanium Sub Sea

May 15, 2015

Titanium Sub Sea have taken delivery of a new road transportable lifting barge for on water and difficult to reach lifting operations in the UK

Snaps From Our Latest Diving Operations In Scotland Which Included Diving In Confined Spaces And Voids Under A Bridge

April 5, 2015

Bridge Surveying In Fast Flowing Water

Titanium Provide Safety Boat Services For The City Of London At London Bridge

April 5, 2015

Titanium have won a safety boat hire contract providing rescue support for operatives working at London Bridge during the construction of a new stairway. Our team are supporting Mackley construction during night and daytime shifts.

This is a core project of the Riverside Walk Enhancement strategy and involves replacing the existing staircase that links London Bridge with the Riverside with a new open staircase that is more visible and attractive. The existing staircase is within the bridge structure and has a poor environment and related problems with antisocial behaviour. The new staircase will cantilever over the river and will stand out as a clear link for the increasing numbers of people that use the Riverside Walk.

Titanium Secure Bridge Inspection Contract In The Scottish Highlands

January 11, 2015

Titanium (UK) Ltd have been awarded an underwater bridge inspection contract on behalf of Bear Scotland and the Scottish Department For Transport (DFT).

The inspections include both major and minor structures across the Scottish Highlands including the 68 span 1.46 KM Cromarty Bridge and the 21 span 892 Meter Dornoch Bridge.

The inspections include scour and Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) surveys, marine growth assessments along with cctv video footage and photographs. Additionally ordnance datums of pile caps and pile exposure levels to be obtained and confirm current levels and condition of scour protection.

Bridge Dive Surveys       

London Bridge Inspections

October 4, 2014

Titanium UK are providing dive support and underwater inspection services for several bridge inspections across the capital. Our teams are providing detailed surveys to the submerged elements of the structures including infrared underwater digital CCTV footage.


Titanium Provide Dive Support To Clacton Sea Defences

September 15, 2014

Titanium Sub Sea have been contracted in to assist with the Clacton Sea Defence Project. Titanium Sub Sea are working closely with Boskallis Westminster 

Operations include slinging and recovering rocks, checking anchor moorings and general dive assistance.

Titanium Work With UK Diving Services To Find Missing Aircraft In The Engish Channel

August 25, 2014

On the 22nd July 2013 Titanium UK were contacted to assist with locating a missing pilot presumed lost at sea when his Cirrus aircraft crashed into the English Channel less than 24 hrs earlier. Rescue efforts were called off by the Coastguard and RNLI after wreckage was found off the Dungeness coast.

Titanium UK liaised with the RNLI who provided us with the times and co-ordinates of the area where the floating wreckage was last found. Because the exact impact zone was unknown and the depths of water were beyond practical air diving limits it was necessary to locate the aircraft using sonar and ROV's.  The search pattern information obtained was passed to the sonar and ROV team who used the information to help locate the aircraft.

The underwater rescue team found the wreckage.

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